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Understanding Vapor Barriers and Their Practical Uses

Vapor barriers are an integral part of every construction. They are considered as a preventive measure as they lock out the moisture and protect the interiors of the building from experiencing severe damage. You can find different types of vapor barriers online and install them to keep the walls & flooring safe.

Keep in mind that without a vapor barrier, your house/office building will always be in a threat to experience severe damage. In fact, if you don’t install a dedicated underslab vapor barrier or Stego 15 mil vapor barrier, you are most likely to put your entire building in a vulnerable state, which can further lead to severe damage.

That’s why if you are constructing a new property, make sure to wrap a dedicated vapor barrier in different parts so that it doesn’t experience any damage at all. However, since there are too many options to purchase, it can also get a bit challenging to pick the best vapor barrier for the building that you are constructing.

That’s why we are going to share a list of different vapor barriers you can install while constructing a building.

Stego Wrap 10 Mil

Stego wrap 10 mil is a string reinforced polyethylene vapor barrier tape that’s perfect for smaller applications. For instance, if you only want to encapsulate a selected portion of the floor. The vapor barrier tape offers high tear resistance and you can install it without any hassle on your own as well.

Stego Wrap Tape

Stego wrap tape is another type of vapor barrier tape that you can install in the ceiling or on the floor. The tape is extremely durable and also offer high tear resistance. Stego wrap tape is designed by Stego Industries and considered one of the best vapor barrier wrap tapes in the market.

Underslab Vapor Barrier
Underslab vapor barrier is the perfect type of barrier to be installed in the flooring. You can place underslab vapor barriers under the floor. This will lock the outside moisture and won’t let it seep in through the floor. As a result, the entire floor will stay protected from outside moisture.

VaporBlock Plus

Vapor Block plus is a larger vapor barrier that is meant for heavy applications. For instance, if you want to install it under the entire floor. Vapor block plus size can be customized as per your requirements. However, to install a larger vapor barrier like vapor block plus, you may need professional assistance.

These are a few different types of vapor barriers you can install while constructing a building. However, it is also important to take a look at the other potential benefits of installing vapor barrier tapes.

What are the Benefits of Installing Vapor Barrier Tape

Installing a vapor barrier tape and Stego tape can prove to be beneficial in many ways. First and foremost includes moisture protection. As we mentioned earlier, the vapor barrier keeps away the moisture from entering the surface. As a result, your floor and the walls stay protected from potential damage.

Another reason why you must install a vapor barrier tape is that it also enhances the overall energy efficiency of the building. Since the vapor barrier is designed using high-quality string reinforced polyethylene material, it doesn’t allow the excess heat to enter the house.

It means that a moderate temperature will be maintained in the entire house. As a result, you won’t feel humid all the time. There are a couple of reasons why you must install vapor barrier tape in your house.

You can buy vapor barrier tape online or visit the local store to get one. However, we recommend buying Stego 10 mil vapor barrier online as you can also order customized dimensions for specific purposes.